Brigit's Notes, May 2013, Letter from the Executive Director

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Dear friends of the CWHN, 

Twenty years going! That’s right – this May at the CWHN we’re celebrating our 20th anniversary. Watch our website throughout the month for photos and snippets of our early history. Have a laugh at our expense over all those BIG glasses frames and outdated hairstyles!

Why not join us in the celebration with a donation and a membership to the CWHN? Help us become self-sustaining and continue to bring you twenty years more of women’s health information you can trust. We’re in the process of applying for charitable tax status and hope to be able to provide donors with charitable tax receipts soon. 

As we transition away from federal funding and our link to the Centres of Excellence for Women’s Health Program, we are putting a bigger push on providing the kind of information we’ve found women seem to want most – clear, practical information on a range of women’s health topics. To that end, we have been updating and creating new resources for the Frequently Asked Questions section of our website. Recent updates in our FAQs include: body image, fibroids, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), health care for sexual and gender minority women, Pap tests, keeping your breasts healthy, sex after menopause, doulas, and how to choose a doctor. New FAQs are also in production.

Another prominent addition to our site is a section including resources and recent CWHN additions to the subject of the hypersexualization of girls. This is a topic we’ve explored through a recent webinar, a feature article in Network, and a primer. Let us know what you think!

Elsewhere on, check out Nancy Ross’ book review of a much-welcomed addition to the substance abuse treatment field, “Becoming Trauma Informed” edited by our colleagues Nancy Poole and Lorraine Greaves. Recent blog postings on sexual health by Lyba Spring – which will be shifting to a once-monthly format – include one on body hair and another on adolescent sexuality.

Do you value what the CWHN brings you and feel it would be missed if it disappeared? Do you use our materials in your work or have you based personal or family health decisions on information you found here? Let us know! We need to hear from those of you who have come to rely on the women’s health information and news we provide. We love to hear “testimonials”, and they go a long way in helping us find the funding we need to continue. Please... write to:

Thank you.

- Anne Rochon Ford