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CWHN suspends operations

Donations still welcome for website maintenance   

As of March 31st, 2013, the CWHN, along with all the Centres of Excellence in Women’s Health across the country, lost all the federal funding we received for most of the last 17 years. Despite our best efforts, and the on-going support of partners and donors, we have not been able to secure sustainable funds to replace the withdrawn federal funding. Effective November 2014, the CWHN Board made the difficult decision to suspend operations; our office is closed and the remaining staff members have been laid off.

The CWHN has been providing independent health information to Canadian women for over 21 years and it is a unique and trusted national resource. The CWHN’s website and on-line resources will continue to be accessible. However, these resources will not be updated. The CWHN Board will continue to function in a limited way as long as they are able, in hope of future changes in the funding climate for women’s health organizations in Canada.

What will your donation do?

We have built a tremendous women’s health resource with our website and do not want to see it lost with the suspension of our activities. It contains over 15,000 publications and community listings, comprehensive fact sheets (FAQs) on almost 100 different health topics in English and French and more than 1,000 items in dozens of other languages. Your donation will ensure that we are able to keep the website alive and available to all who want to continue using it.

Donate securely

The CWHN is a non-profit, Canadian charity. You will receive a charitable tax receipt for all donations of $25 or more. 

Thank you