Policy framework on designated populations

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Ministry of Health and Ministry Responsible for Seniors New Directions Development Division
BC Ministry of Health and Ministry Responsible for Seniors
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Victoria, BC

Identifies particular groups in our society that have poorer health or experience barriers to the health care they require. Focuses on two determinants of health that particularly affect the health status of these designated groups: poverty and rural/remote areas. This document offers guidance to Boards and Councils on the designated populations: children and youth, people with disabilities, people with mental disorders, ethnocultural minority populations, seniors, and women. It does not address aboriginal populations because of the move to aboriginal self-government, which requires a different and more complex process. The paper offers information and guidance on these population groups, rather than Ministry of Health policy. It provides a structure to guide the development of policy that will address the health issues faced by designated populations.

HEAS.N49 1995