The Canadian girl-child: determinants of the health and well-being of girls and young women

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Canadian Institute of Child Health
Canadian Institute of Child Health
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Ottawa, ON

Outlines how the Canadian Girl-Child project has taken us one step closer to uncovering the extent to which growing up female impacts the healthy development of girls and young women from birth to adulthood and to advancing the status of the girl-child in Canada. Provides a brief overview of the original goals and objectives of the project and offers some initial conclusions as to the extent to which the project was able to fulfill these expectations. Also included is the framework developed by the researcher for analysing the relationships between gender, child development and the determinants of health. Identifies key gaps in the literature and future research priorities proposed. Specific reference is made to ethno-cultural and visible minority girls and young women. Concludes with suggestions for future project development.

ISBN 0919747507