Catching our breath: a guide for facilitators

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Women's Health Clinic
Women's Health Clinic
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Winnipeg, MB

Catching Our Breath: A Guide for Facilitators is a companion to the self-help book Catching Our Breath: A Journal About Change for Women Who Smoke. Together, the Journal and the Facilitators' Guide represent an effort to develop a program for women who smoke and who want information on women and smoking, and are seeking the support they need to quit. This guide provides: (1) a description of what we mean by a feminist approach to smoking cessation groups; (2) an overview of basic facilitation and group process skills and techniques; (3) suggestions on how to create a group, including a list of the tools and materials you'll need; and (4) a detailed outline, including agendas for a nine session cessation group (facilitated over eight weeks). The Journal and the Guide offer an alternative model to smoking and smoking cessation --- one which is woman-centered, flexible and embodies a feminist view of women and society. This model clearly recognizes the differences that exist between women's and men's smoking patterns and strives to restore the power of participants to heal themselves in a positive, affirming way.

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ISBN 0969478720