Women and cancer: a thorough and compassionate resource for patients and their families

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Carolyn Runowicz
Jeanne A. Petrek
Ted S. Gansler
American Cancer Society and Villard Books
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New York, NY

Discusses the four major areas of cancer suffered by women: breast, cervical, ovarian, and endometrial

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CANC.R86 1999
ISBN 0679778144
Includes index. --- Review, Network Fall 2000: This book is devoted to the four major areas of cancer suffered by women: Breast cancer, cervical cancer, ovarian cancer and endometrial cancer (cancer of the uterus). Each section explains the anatomical features of that area of a woman's body followed by information on the diagnosis, testing and treatment with the goal of helping the cancer patient, and her supporters, understand the disease and better able to guide her treatment.