Getting through medical examinations: a resource for women survivors of abuse and their health care providers

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Centres of Excellence for Womens Health (CEWH)
Prairie Women's Health Centre of Excellence (PWHCE)
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Sari Tudiver
Lynn McClure
Tuula Heinonen
Christine Kreklewetz
Loredana Clemente
Dawn Shiloh
Carol Scurfield
Canadian Women's Health Network
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Winnipeg, MB

Raises awareness and provides information to health care providers and survivors of abuse who use the health care system, using suggestions drawn from women survivors' and practitioners' recommendations and the experiences of other colleagues and professionals working in the area. Based on two research projects for the Prairie Women's Health Centre of Excellence. The first project looked at the experiences with women survivors of childhood sexual abuse and their recommendations for better meeting their health care needs. The second study explored the experience and knowledge of health care practitioners.

Includes bibliographical references.