Understanding Canada's health care costs: final report

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Provincial and Territorial Ministers of Health
Provincial and Territorial Ministers of Health
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Examines how the health care system is financed, provides an analysis of innovations that are already underway in province/territories and looks at the current and future cost drivers and accelerators in Canada's health system. The analysis shows how provinces/territories are already significantly involved in activities that are improving the quality of health care services provided to Canadians. It also illustrates the source and size of health care drivers, as well as the significant additional costs associated with health system renewal activities. According to the findings, health care needs are growing as a result of population change, new technologies (e.g. major joint surgery, genetic testing), increased incidence of chronic disease (e.g. heart disease, diabetes) and new drugs. These factors have the potential to increase future provincial health costs at a rate above inflation. This report calls on the federal governement to immediately and fully restore funding cut from the Canada Health and Social Transfer (CHST), and implement an appropriate escalator to ensure that funding for health and other social programs through the CHST keeps pace with economic trends, social factors, and changing health technology, which impact on the sustainability of the system.

HEST.P76 2000
ISBN 0777899787