Meeting challenges: promoting choices - a report on the 40th anniversary IPPF Family Planning Congress

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International Planned Parenthood Federation
The Parthenon Publishing Group Inc.
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New York, NY

Summarize the views expressed at the International Family Planning Congress in New Dehli on the issues of family planning, including the empowerment of women, increasing the involvement of men in family planning, education the young, promoting reproductive and sexual health in its widest sense and many others. The report highlights the accomplishments of IPPF as well as what needs to be done. It addresses the advancements over the past 40 years and the current status of safe and acceptable contraceptive methods, and family planning programs. Future challenges. include access to family planning services in developing countries, abortion, AIDS, and STDs, improving contraceptive methods, and obtaining adequate funding for family planning.

ISBN 1850705003
WGYN.I58 1993