The toolbox: culturally competent organisations, services and care pathways

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Sue Chirico
Asha Pawar
Mark Johnson
Muriel Scott
Bedfordshire Health Promotion Agency
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Bedford, UK

Explores the characteristics and structures that combine to form a culturally competent organization, service or care pathway. Contains: an introduction to the toolbox including a review of the literature on Culturally Competent Services; a report of the process involved in developing the toolkit that outlines how the perceptions of professionals and communities towards cultural competency have been researched, and a collection of file dividers that point to the useful national and local documents conerned with ethnicity and cultural competency one needs to have access to e.g. local strategy on ethnicity, local and national ethnic monitoring data, and a summary of the MacPherson Report.

HEAS.C45 2000
ISBN 0953417255