Beyond the rule book: moral issues and dilemmas in the practice of psychotherapy

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Ellyn Kaschak, ed.
Marcia Hill, ed.
The Haworth Press
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Binghampton, NY

Provides a collection of academic articles that examine conflicts, moral struggles, and ethical issues in therapeutic settings.

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COUN.B49 1999
ISBN 0789007738
Includes bibliographical references and index. --- Review, Network Spring 2001: Opens a dialogue on the role of morality in therapeutic practice. Referring to the ethical code of the Feminist Therapy Institute and the Hebrew or Christian Bibles, contributors discuss the morality of feminist naming, lesbian-feminist ‘rules’ about sexuality and appearance, the moral imperative of self-care for therapists, moral issues raised when working with clients with disabilities, women in prisons and minors, and the divided loyalties of feminist therapists to their agencies and clients.