The V book: a doctor's guide to complete vulvovaginal health

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Elizabeth G. Stewart
Paula Spencer
Bantam Books
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Toronto, ON

Offers a guide on vulvovaginal matters, including specific illnesses and their treatments.

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ISBN 0553381148
WGYN.S74 2002 (CWHN Offices)
Includes bibliographical references and index. --- Review, January 2003: A peculiar feature of North American society has been to shroud our vulvas and vaginas in mystery. Women speak of the places "down there" with eyes lowered. Yet, millions of us suffer from vulvar and vaginal problems, such as constant itching, interminable discharge, and pain during sexual intercourse. Luckily, Elizabeth Stewart, a gynaecologist with a full-time specialty practice in vulvovaginal care, offers us this guide on vulvovaginal matters, including the latest research translated into understandable explanations. The book is divided into three parts: what to know and do when a woman is well, what to know and do when she develops a problem, and an in-depth guide to specific problems and their treatments.