Immigrant and refugee women

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Marika Morris
Jennifer Sinnott
Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women
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Ottawa, ON

Examines how Canadian immigration policy can affect women differently. Explores stereotypes often surrounding immigrant and refugee women. Looks at health risks, violence issues, and problems of global trafficking of women. This link takes you to the fact sheet site and you can scroll down and open the text only or use a PDF reader.

IMWO.M78 2003
Includes bibliographical references. --- Review, Network Winter/Spring 2004: Only four percent of Canadians are not immigrants or descendents of immigrants. Only Aboriginal peoples are native to this land, and have lived and died here for 10,000 years. Thirty percent of Canadian women have themselves immigrated here from somewhere else, and this population is growing four times faster than the population of Canadian-born women. These statistics, and plenty more, are found in this rich new publication from CRIAW. The authors of this fact sheet explore the persistent stereotypes of immigrant and refugee women, and examine how Canadian immigration policy can affect women differently. The fact sheet also assesses the health risks, violence issues and problems surrounding global trafficking facing immigrant and refugee women in Canada.