Summary report on current nursing workplace issues and best practices in Aboriginal communities. Final report, March 2002

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Aboriginal Nurses Association of Canada
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Ottawa, ON

Identifies nursing workplaces issues in Aboriginal communities, focussing on issues characterised as common and persistent within the national scope. Examines these issues and associated best practices solutions under 5 categories: leadership; partnerships; resource adequacy for client services; information management; and, human resources. Notes importance of community leaders' developing communication; surmises that, while communication was not identified as an issue, it is an underlying factor behind most workplace issues. Emphasises importance of developing best practice solutions to nursing issues, guided by more evidence-based, peer-reviewed research. Highlights need for respect of the health of nurses, who are becoming more scarce in, and yet are bearing more responsibility as primary care givers for ensuring and improving the health of, Aboriginal communities.

ISBN 0973119322
NURS.A76 2002