Report from consultations on a Framework for sexual and reproductive health

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Health Canada
Health Canada
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Ottawa, ON

Works to create a framework for comprehensive action to maintain, protect, and promote the sexual and reproductive health of people in Canada. Intends to stimulate and guide collaboration by governmental and non governmental partners. Presents a comprehensive assessment of sexual and reproductive health issues in Canada, developed through input from federal, provincial and territorial governments, and non government organizations. Represents the beginning of a national discussion on sexual and reproductive health. Provides a broad strategic foundation upon which more specific initiatives can be built, a basis for future policy, program planning and related decision-making, as well as collaborative action on issues around sexual and reproductive health by all parties involved in its development. Includes principles to guide action, 7 strategic directions focussing on the major determinants of sexual and reproductive health, and suggested initiatives for each of the 7 directions.

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HEAP.H43 1999
ISBN 0662267524