Smoking cessation in pregnancy: a review of postpartum relapse prevention strategies

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Wei Li Fang
Adam O. Goldstein
Anne Y. Butzen
S. Allison Hartsock
Katherine E. Hartmann
Margaret Helton
Jacob A. Lohr
The Journal of the American Board of Family Practice
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Lexington, KY

Reviews and examines existing research, current strategies, and directions for future research on smoking cessation relapse and relapse prevention in pregnancy and postpartum. Finds that few studies exist on how to prevent relapse. Argues that maintaining and accelerating progress in cessation during pregnancy and postpartum requires more research that focuses on relapse prevention and cessation. States that programs should incorporate stresses particular to postpartum women, should be part of routine health care, and should involve the woman’s social support network, including her partner, to maximize effectiveness.

ISSN 08938652