Women in medicine: a celebration of their work

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Ted Grant
Sandy Carter
Firefly Books
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Toronto, ON

Presents a photographic tribute to the dedicated professionals who represent women in many disciplines, including physicians and surgeons, midwives, nurses, technicians, therapists, physicians' assistants and researchers.

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HIST.G73 2004
ISBN 1552979067
Includes bibliographical references and index. --- Review, Network Fall 2005: Many of us may believe that the history of women in medicine is a recent one, dating back perhaps a few hundred years. In actuality, the first known female physicians were in Egypt as early as 1300 BCE. It would take more than three thousand years, however, before Canada would see its first female physician, Dr. Emily Howard Stowe, and about another 150 years before women would make up the majority of the workers in the health care system. Grant and Carter’s book is a celebration of these women. Through photographs we see images of women in all fields of medicine, illustrating the distance they have come and the progress they have made. The images reveal not only female physicians and surgeons, but also nurses, technologists, therapists, physicians’ assistants, researchers and volunteers, each of whom is vital and integral to a successful and well-rounded health care system.