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good girl magazine
editor in chief, Nikko Snyder
A sassy new alternative zine resulting from Snyder's personal experience with the health system. Provocative, informative, gutsy and very very readable! From 'memories of a recovering good girl' to 'growing with my hair; ' 'bad housekeeping' to reclaiming the art of sewing, good girl aspires to showcase writers of all genders wishing to explore and express perspectives on being young, Canadian and feminist. Seeking contributors and subscribers.

Published quarterly
in Canada. $10/ 2 issues.
Order: Nikko Snyder
Box 202, 2738 Dundas Street West
Toronto ON   M6P 1Y3

Mom, Dad. I'm Gay: How Families Negotiate Coming Out
by Ritch C. Savin-Williams
A resource for sexual-minority youth that supports their resiliency, determination, and diversity as well as acknowledging the hardships they may encounter. Personal narratives of a diverse group of lesbian, bisexual, gay, transgender, questioning, and unlabelled adolescents are integrated with empirical data drawn from developmental research. Savin-Williams reveals that the coming out experience is greatly influenced by gender, and chapters highlight common mother-daughter, mother-son, father-daughter, father-son dynamics. Excellent summaries set a research agenda and provide a guide for sexual-minority youth and their families to negotiate healthy relationships. 2001. $39.95 US

Published by:
American Psychological Association
Order: APA Order Department

P. O. Box 92984
Washington, D. C. 20090-2984
Ph.: 1-800-374-2721;
in D. C. (202) 336-5510
TDD/ TTY: (202) 336-6123
Fx: (202) 336-5502
Web: http://www.apa.org/pubs/books/431766A.aspx

How Can We Love You? Behind the scenes with the play Handle with Care?
documentary video produced by Laura Sky
Hope, laughter, and gutsy women on the road across Canada, reaching out to women living with breast cancer. This documentary challenges audiences to re-think their relationships with the women in their lives who have metastatic breast cancer, and outlines ways that friends, family and health professionals can be helpful. Filmmaker Laura Sky takes us backstage, where she explores the personal stories of two cast members with metastatic breast cancer. Excerpts from the play in rehearsal and production are interlaced with conversations among these women, their friends and families.

Order: V-Tape

401 Richmond West, Suite 402
Toronto ON M5V 3A8
Ph: (416) 351-1317 Fx: (416) 351-1509
Email: info@vtape.org

Healthy Options for Women
from Women's Health in Women's Hands
For Black Women living in Canada who are pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant. This booklet discusses making decisions about HIV testing and/ or treatment during pregnancy. 2001. Free.

Ph: (416) 593-7655

Funding Sources for Research on Women
compiled by Marina Morris and Susannah Bush with Rachel Coté
This book lists federal and provincial granting programs, foundations, research institutes and corporations open to giving money toward research on issues important to women's equality. It contains sources one would not necessarily think of in the long and hard search for funds, a section of recommended resources, and how to access them. 2001. $20.

Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women (CRIAW)

408-151 Slater Street
Ottawa ON K1P 5H3
Fx: (613) 563-0682