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Reluctant Hero is a fabulous Canadian magazine for girls edited, written, and published four times per year by teenage girls. RH aims to combat all the "dating secrets" and "how to be sexy" publications on the market for girls today. Articles are written by girls from all over Canada, and the latest issue included "Cosmo and the quasi-feminist," and personal stories about surviving bullying, and learning to dance without feeling self-conscious. A smart and funny read.
Cost: $19.26 (one year). English.

Reluctant Hero
Suite 410, 67 Richmond Street West
Toronto ON M5H 1Z5 Canada
Tel: (416) 368-0613
Fax: (416) 368-8354

Health and Wealth: How Social and Economic Factors Affect Our Well Being argues that the
quality of life in a society is one of the most powerful determinants of health, and that researchers are discovering that it is not the richest countries that have the best health, but the most egalitarian. Written by independent economic consultant Monica Townson.
Cost: $14.95. English.

Published by The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, 1999
804-251 Laurier Avenue West
Ottawa ON K1P 5J6 Canada
Tel: (613) 563-1341
Fax: (613) 233-1458

The New Midwifery provides a critical look at women's reproductive health and midwifery. This collection of essays, edited by Farah M. Shroff, looks at the impact of turning this age-old practice into a professional one, and the impact of legalization and state involvement on women-centred care and birthing women.
Cost: $19.95. English.

Published by Women's Press, 1997
Suite 302, 517 College Street
Toronto ON M6G 4A2 Canada

Au coeur de l'aide, au coeur du changement: le Rapport de la Journée de réflexion des personnes aidantes gives an overview of a day of reflection held last year by the Regroupement des aidantes et aidants naturel(le)s de Montréal [a caregiver support group], which brought together over a hundred informal caregivers to discuss issues concerning them.
Cost: $4.50. French.

Regroupement des aidantes et aidants naturel(le)s de Montréal
7501, François-Perrault
Montréal QC H2A 1M1
Tel: (514) 374-1056
Fax: (514) 374-3040

Women of Hope, a beautiful set of 12 full-colour posters produced by Bread and Roses, highlights the achievements of 12 internationally renowned women, including Rigoberta Menchó of Guatemala, Aung San Suu Kyi of Burma, and Mary Robinson of Ireland.
Cost: In US dollars, $59.95 (set of 12), $38 (for 6), $12.95 (each). English.

Bread and Roses Distribution Center
PO Box 1154
Eatontown NJ 007724 USA

Women's Herbs, Women's Health divides its chapters by specific conditions (like menstruation, fibroids, and endometriosis) and the use of herbs in treating them. It has very well-organized information, giving some background and details on conditions, while providing many herbal recipes and repertoires.
Cost: $23.95. English.

Published by Interweave Press, 1998
201 East Fourth Street
Loveland Colorado 80537-5655 USA

Walking on Eggs: Some Current Feminist Issues Organized within the framework of the 25th Anniversary of the Conseil du statut de la femme (Quebec), this seminar offers women a unique opportunity to gather and reflect on some major, challenging, but very real issues confronting the feminist movement today.
Cost: Free. French.

Government of Quebec
Conseil du statut de la femme
8, rue Cook, 3e étage
Quebec QC G1R 5J7 Canada
Tel: (418) 643-4326
Fax: (418) 643-8926
Toll free (Quebec): 1-800-463-2851

Health Canada's Women's Health Strategy gives insight into the government's approach to women's health. It goes through the reasons why a women's health strategy is needed, covering women's quality of life, biases in the health system, and so on, while outlining how Health Canada plans to address these issues. Important policy material.
Cost: Free. English and French.

Health Canada
Ottawa ON K1A 0K9
Tel: (613) 954-5995
Fax: (613) 941-5366

A New Mother's Guide: Coping with change
is an excellent little booklet from the Women's Health Clinic in Winnipeg. It is geared for mothers to read shortly after the arrival or birth of their babies. The booklet goes through the feelings a new mother may experience, "how to help yourself," postpartum depression, emergencies and more. The guide also has plenty of community resources (mainly around Winnipeg) and lists of materials (available anywhere in Canada).
Cost: $2. English.

The Women's Health Clinic
Third Floor, 419 Graham Avenue
Winnipeg MB R3C 0M3
Tel: (204) 947-1517
Fax: (204) 943-3844
TDD: (204) 956-0385


A Different Prescription: Considerations for Women's Health Groups Contemplating Funding from the Pharmaceutical Industry grew out of a panel discussion called "Ethical Issues in Women's Health: The Delicate Business of Funding from Drug Companies." The booklet cuts right to the heart of the matter, going over different scenarios and giving advice on what groups should ask themselves when considering this type of funding. It also lists plenty of other reading materials on the topic.
Cost: $5. English.

National Network on Environments and Women's Health
214 York Lanes
York University
4700 Keele Street
Toronto ON M3J 1P3 Canada
Tel: (416) 736-5941
Fax: (416) 736-5986

Not Just the Blues is an education package about postpartum depression. Postpartum Adjustment Support Services Canada (PASS-CAN), produces two versions one for healthcare professionals and one for mothers. Also available from them Ups and Downs: A New Mother's Guide.
Cost: Postage, if you can afford it (Mother's Pak), $15 (Professional Pak). English.

Box 7282 Station Main
Oakville ON L6J 6L6 Canada
Tel: (905) 844-9009
Fax: (905) 844-5973

Handle with Care? Women living with metastatic breast cancer is a series of dramatic vignettes developed from research on women with metastatic breast cancer in eight communities across Ontario. If you don't live in Ontario, or missed the shows, there is now a video of the powerful performance.
Cost: $15. English.

Psychosocial and Behavioural Research Unit
Toronto-Sunnybrook Regional Cancer Centre
2075 Bayview Avenue
Toronto ON M4N 3M5
Tel: (416) 480-6100 ext. 1656
Fax: (416) 480-5144