Herstreet: Developing an alternative resource in Montreal for homeless women and women in difficulty

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by Leonie Couture

Early in 1994, women joined together to form Herstreet/ La Rue des Femmes de Montréal (RDF). Herstreet is non-judgemental and accepts women's life-styles. We offer community-based and psychological support. Open seven days a week, Herstreet is run in collaboration with its clients.

Herstreet's aim is to create safe, non-discriminatory drop-in and living spaces for women. We develop and apply innovative approaches and practices in counselling and therapy to improve women's mental health. Women partner with centre workers to gain basic life and organizational skills. Here, women meet and form important new relationships.

Herstreet's unique mandate is to increase public awareness of the background and daily realities of homeless women and women in difficulty, and the violence they experience. As one of the few resources for women and the homeless in Montreal, our Drop-in Centre is currently frequented by some 40 homeless women on a regular basis.

Herstreet is innovative because we acknowledge women's suffering. Accepting our own suffering in all its extreme forms makes it a little easier to bear, regardless of how it is labelled, reduced or rejected by others. Above all, we believe that suffering and well-being are linked to human potential.

Herstreet is a space where women can express themselves openly, retain their differences, and actively create their own spaces in a spirit of solidarity and enjoyment.

For details contact:

Léonie Couture, Director
P.O.Box 20, Station "C"
Montreal, QC, H2L 4J7
Phone: (514) 284-9665, Fax: (514) 849-3109