Towards a Quebec Women's Health Network

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As part of the feminist movement since the early 1970s, the Regroupement des centrres de santé des femmes du Québec (RCSFQ) and the Fédération du Québec pour le planning des naissances (FQPN), two major Quebec women's health organizations, have challenged sexism and addressed many health issues such as the over medicating of women.

Our organizations believe in a holistic approach to health that emphasizes quality of life and the adaptation of health care to women's needs. As a network for discussion and information, we bring together activists and women's groups who share our vision.

We support Quebec women in their pursuit of autonomy, meet with government to make sure women's voices are heard, provide critical analysis, and share information. Last fall, the RCSFQ and the FQPN met to discuss how best to voice women's concerns in health care and how to promote a feminist perspective of women's health care in Quebec. As a result of these discussions - and with the input of several other groups interested in keeping women's health issues at the forefront of debates on social services - we announce the formation of the Quebec Women's Health Network.

The Quebec Women's Health Network is dedicated to working with all those involved to ensure that the medical system truly serves women's needs and concerns. We are also committed to influencing provincial policies and programs, and to participating in the development of services offered to women. We will be a force against the commercialization of health care and will work to make a positive impact in all regions of Quebec.

As active members of the Canadian Women's Health Network, we want to create a focal point for action and information on all aspects of women's health in Quebec. Our aim is to act as a respected authority in Quebec, dealing with government, researchers, professional associations, media, women working in healthcare and community organizations.

We believe that Quebec women will benefit greatly from an organized, timely and focused movement to address the many social changes now taking place in health care. Laying the groundwork to meet these goals will take place over the next several months. In a spirit of openness, we intend to develop an effective structure to promote health care policies based on the diverse needs of all women.

The launch of the Quebec Women's Health Network is slated for spring 1997. We invite you to follow the progress of this dynamic project.

Lise Lamontagne is a member of the CWHN Coordinating Committee.

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