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Network is published quarterly in English and French. Information about resources available in other first languages will be part of the newsletter, and groups are encouraged to translate and distribute articles. Each issue will be available on computer disk, on paper, and here on the Internet so that readers can further explore issues and connect with others who share their interests.

Network is a part of a CWHN communications strategy which is expected to include clearinghouse services, community animators and a 1-800 Women's Health Information Line, and electronic networking.

Network is published four times a year. We always welcome your letters, ideas, articles and suggestions. You can contact the editor at news@cwhn.ca, or contact:

The Canadian Women's Health Network
2nd floor, 419 Graham Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
R3C 0M3

Telephone: (204) 942-5500
Fax: (204) 989-2355

email: cwhn@cwhn.ca

Canadian Women's Health Network Coordinating Committee

Robin Barnett - Vancouver, B.C.
Madeline Boscoe - Winnipeg, MB.
Anna Demetrakopoulos - Toronto, ON.
Margo Fauchon - St. Paul, AB.
Marsha Forrest - Queen Charlotte, B.C.
Vuyiswa Keyi-Ayema - Toronto, ON.
Lise Lamontagne - Montreal, Quebec
Gene Lara - Regina, Saskatchewan
JoAnn Lowell - Yellowknife, NWT.
Susan MacPhee-Martin - New Glasgow, N.S.
Carla Marcelis - Ottawa, ON.
Monica Riutort - Toronto, ON.
Anne Rochon Ford, Toronto, ON.
Sari Tudiver - Winnipeg, MB.
Valerie Wiebe - Calgary, AB.

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