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Caregivers, a five part video-series, is described as a how-to series with soul. Produced by the National Film Board, the series addresses the challenges of relatives caring for either a parent or a spouse with Alzheimer's, dementia, aphasia, and physical disabilities. The fifty-minute videos include a guidebook available in English and French. A short version of the films, "Labour of Love", will be available this summer.
Cost $39.95 each. Series $179.95 (Free to borrow from most libraries). Contact:

The National Film Board of Canada
Sales and Customer Services, D-10
PO Box 6100, Station Centre-Ville
Montreal QC H3C 3H5 Canada
Tel 1-800-267-7710 Fax (514) 283-7564

Your Health Matters... A resource guide for women two-piece resource guide and a health diary provides easy-to-follow health information, and covers everything from menstruation to menopause as well as stress management and healthy relationships. The purse-sized diary provides charts to keep track of your menstrual cycle and pregnancies, and has space to take note of any symptoms and concerns. English Only. Cost $4 each (less for bulk orders). Contact:

The Women's Centre, Hopedale Mall
1515 Rebecca Street, Suite 210
Oakville ON L6L 5G8 Canada
Tel (905) 847-9104 Fax (905) 847-7413

Main Street, Not Bay Street: Why We Need to Stop Corporations from Highjacking the Public Agenda on Health Information lights a warning flare on the health information highway. The document, produced by The Canadian Union of Public Employees, examines the behind-the-scenes exploitation of information contained in patient records and the implications of hiring information technology and service companies to manage public health databases, or supply equipment and software for those systems. Cost: Free Contact:

The Canadian Union of Public Employees
21 Florence Street
Ottawa, Ontario K2P 0W6 Canada
Tel: (613) 237-1590
Fax: (613) 237-5508

Pros and Cons of Hormone Therapy: Making an Informed Decision, a program guide for facilitators to help women making decisions about hormone therapy. Produced by the Women's Health Clinic for the Manitoba Women's Institute as a resource for their members, the guide provides information about the risks and benefits, and helps to find reliable sources on information on menopause, hormone therapy, alternatives, and strategies for healthy aging. English Only Cost:
Free. Contact:

Women's Health Clinic
3rd floor - 419 Graham Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C 0M3 Canada
Tel: (204) 947-1517
Fax: (204) 943-3844
TTY: 956-0385

The Moving Pictures Bulletin put out a wonderful women's issue (March 1998) that highlights their films about women, and has reviews of many other films from around the world. "Sisters Doin' it for Themselves" has a very international flavour, and is chock-full of interesting articles by authors such as the late Bella Abzug, and on topics such as the way many films stereotype women. It includes ordering information for all the short and feature length films reviewed. Online version:
Cost:$6 per issue Contact:

Television Trust for the Environment (TVE)
TVE Centre for Environmental Communications
Prince Albert Road
London, NW1 4RZ United Kingdom

Kichi Chistemaw Pimatisiwin: Tobacco as the Way of Life smoking reduction program for Aboriginal People has an easy-to-follow facilitators' guide that contains all the tools needed to create the thirteen week program. It includes traditional teachings about the use of tobacco. Power, control and aboriginal experiences are highlighted. English Only. Cost: $50 with binder (includes manual, workbook, handouts, and overhead material) Contact:

Native Women's Transition Centre
105 Aikins St.
Winnipeg, Manitoba R2W 4E4 Canada
Phone: (204) 989-8240
Fax: (204) 586-1101

Patient No More: The Politics of Breast Cancer, recently translated into French, is Sharon Batt's personal account of being diagnosed with breast cancer, and her critique of the medical breast cancer industry. Cost: $19.95 Published by "gynergy books", Charlottetown, 1994.

"Questions and answers on breast cancer: A guide for women and their physicians starts with the question "A lump can be felt in my breast. What should happen next?" and goes through several procedures and treatments for breast cancer patients. The booklet, based on The Canadian Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Care and Treatment of Breast Cancer, also provides a list of resources, and information on support groups for women with breast cancer. Cost: Free. Contact:

Publications Health Canada
Tunney's Pasture
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0K9 Canada
or call: The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation 1-800-387-9816

Aboriginal Women's Breast Health/Breast Cancer Booklet Series covers reducing cancer risk, receiving a diagnosis of breast cancer, treatment options, and available supports. The six booklets show ways that Aboriginal women and communities can stay healthy and get involved in the health initiative of early detection of breast cancer. English Only. Cost: Free Contact:

The Hope Breast Cancer Information and Resource Centre
691 Wolseley avenue
Winnipeg, MB R3G 1C3 Canada

The Impact of Block Funding on Women with Disabilities, part of the series of policy research document funded by the Status of Women Canada this year, by Shirley Masuda, examines the effects of Canada Health and Social Transfer payments on women with disabilities. Disability benefits, Home Care, Health Care, and the deficit are all examined in the context of the lives of women with disabilities. Other documents produced this year include: Spousal Violence in Custody and Access Disputes: Recommendations for Reform and Aboriginal Women in Canada: Strategic Research Development.
Cost: Free Contact:

Research Directorate
Status of Women Canada
360 Albert Street, Suite 700
Ottawa, ON K1A 1C3 Canada
Available on-line at:

Women and Men in Europe and North America and "Women and Men in Sweden" both demonstrate the usefulness of statistics broken down by gender. Both booklets, the European and North American one was commissioned by the UN, examine influence and power, health, education, violence and crime, incomes and wages, child care, gainful employment and more. A new edition of the Sweden booklet is due out this Autumn. Cost: around $50 and $10 (270 SEK and 50 SEK) Contact:

Publication Services
S-701 89 Orebro
Fax: +46 19 17 64 44
Phone: +46 19 17 68 00

'Net Working: Virtual Caregiving

By Laura Buchan

Here are some resources on Caregiving I found on the 'Net: and - Lots of practical Alzheimer's information, updates on research, and advice on taking care of a loved one with Alzheimer's and taking care of yourself, are all found in these two excellent sites. - The Canadian Association for Community Care also offers some information on respite care for children. - Caregiver Survival Resources offer links to Web-sites with
information about specific illnesses, Caregiver support information, and a guestbook/message board where Caregivers can get relief from isolation. It is a commercial site, but the links alone make it worth visiting.

Laura Buchan is the CWHN Web-site Coordinator. Many of these sites are listed in the Women's Health Links section of our Web-site.