Prairie women prepared for disaster: an emergency planning guide for women's community organizations

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Prairie Women's Health Centre of Excellence (PWHCE)
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Elaine Enarson
Prairie Women's Health Centre of Excellence
Publication Date: 
May 2009
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Winnipeg, MB

The Guide it will explain why planning ahead is so important for women’s organizations, move you through the vital preliminary planning steps, introduce you to tools and resources for writing your tailor‐made emergency plan through the entire disaster cycle.  It moves you on to the all‐important issue of keeping an emergency plan alive through regular updating, practice, outreach to emergency managers, and networking for neighborhood preparedness. The Guide ends with a brief introduction to the global movement of women for social change to reduce avoidable harm. It may not be obvious yet, but emergency planning is part of
this and by doing this work you are part of it, too.

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