Caring for seniors with Alzheimer`s disease and other forms of dementia

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Les soins aux personnes âgées atteintes de la maladie d'Alzheimer et d'autres formes de démence
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Canadian Institute for Health Information
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Ottawa, ON

Study of 130,000 seniors (age 65 and older) who received publicly funded long-term home care in 2007–2008 including many with complex health conditions. Found that, in 2007-2008, one in five seniors (20%) receiving long-term home care had a diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease or other dementia. Nearly one in six (17%) of these clients with dementia were suffering from moderate to severe impairment in cognition and daily functioning yet still managed to remain at home.

Also found that one in six (17%) seniors with dementia living in residential care facilities (such as nursing or long-term care homes) in 2008-2009 had relatively low levels of impairment or could still perform basic functions quite well on their own. The odds of a senior with low impairment being placed in residential care were seven times more likely if the senior had a tendency to wander. Marital status was also a factor in determining whether a senior with low impairment was newly admitted to a care facility rather than at home with home care.

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