2011 Canadian Census age and sex data now available

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What’s the average age in Brandon MB?

How many women live in Steinbach MB? How many men? 

The answers to these questions, as well as other interesting facts, are now available by age group, gender and geography.

To view a profile of your community, follow the links to a variety of materials, including: 

·       Census Profile

·       Analytical products – main analytical article, and a few shorter articles providing additional analysis on trends and relevant issues relating to the 2011 Census 

·       Data products – basic tables, topic-based tabulations. 

Other 2011 Census data will be released on the following dates:

·       September 19, 2012 – families, households and marital status; structural type of dwelling and collectives

·       October 24, 2012 – language

If you have any questions, please contact Tara Petrie Duff, by e-mail at tara.petrieduff@statcan.gc.ca or by telephone at             204-984-4419      .