Brigit’s Notes, July 2012, Letter from the Executive Director

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Dear Friends of the CWHN,

After months of work, our new website is finally operational!  Please check it out for a host of new items that you wouldn’t have found on our old site: our breast cancer prevention postcard project – a response to the film “Pink Ribbons, Inc.” (more about this in my next instalment); several new articles in Network, our on-line magazine: Mary Louise Leidl’s in-depth interview with the researchers involved in the National Network on Environments and Women’s Health ground-breaking study on endocrine disruptors in the automotive workplace, sex educator Lyba Spring’s state-of-affairs piece on older women and sexuality, and Ann Silverside’s report on the latest on Canada’s breast screening guidelines and the recent controversy surround BSE about whether to self-examine your breasts or not.

Also on our refurbished site you will find a number of new resources relating to alcohol’s worrisome health effects on girls and women. Check out our latest webinar on the topic, an interview with award-winning journalist Ann Dowsett Johnston.  Her findings are, well, sobering...

Please check out our new site throughout the summer, as we’ll be updating it weekly with breaking news, resources, and research on women’s health.

Have a great summer!

-Anne Rochon Ford