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Red Deer Community Health

Red Deer's Community Health Centres offer programs and services that place a high emphasis on wellness, disease and injury prevention, and pediatric rehabilitation and support. Continuing Care placement services provide a single point of entry to more than 300 long-term care beds in Red Deer.

Alberta Human Rights & Citizenship Commission
Code Blue for Child Care
Code Blue is a Canada-wide campaign to build a real pan-Canadian child care system. The campaign brings together national, provincial and territorial child care organizations, labour, women's and social justice groups along with Canadians from all walks of life. (See Details)
Edmonton Journal
Four Worlds International Institute for Human and Community Development

Supports Aboriginal communities in building a healthy and sustainable future. Works towards a solution to the social devastation brought on by alcohol, poverty and an increasing sense of powerlessness sweeping across tribal communities.

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Grey Nuns Community Hospital
Alberta Midwifery Task Force
Provincial Health Authorities of Alberta
Consejo Nacional de las Mujeres (CONAMU)
Tiene misión de normar y regular la inserción del enfoque de género en los planes, programas y projectos y su obligatoria aplicación en todos los organismos del sector público e institucionalizer políticas públicas en benenficio de la mujeres para alcanzar la iqualidad de oportunidades. // Standardises and regulates the inclusion of public opinion in plans, programs and projects and its obligatory application in all organisations in the public sector; Instigates public policies for the benefit of women to acheive equal opportunities. (See Details)