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Lesbian Mothers Support Society
Alberta Metis Women's Association

Alberta Métis Women's Association is a founding member of the Métis National Council of Women,Inc., which is a national autonmous Métis women's organization.  Alberta Métis Women Association seeks to assist in educating and empowering Métis women, in rurual and urban communities throughout Alberta.

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Lurana Shelter

Lurana Shelter is a first-stage emergency shelter for women and children fleeing domestic violence. It provides safe shelter in a confidential location, immediate crisis intervention, food, clothing, transportation and child support.

At Lurana Shelter, our main objective is to facilitate empowerment of the women and children we serve. We seek to empower by encouraging information based decision-making; by increasing awareness of the cycle of violence and the effects of abuse; by working to reduce the problematic symptoms experienced by child witnesses; by strengthening the relationship between the child and the non-abusive parent; by encouraging positive behaviour patterns and attitudes in the children; and by helping mothers attain the tools that will enable her to build a safe, nurturing environment for her children.

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