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Parkinson's Society of Alberta
Provides providing information, education, support groups, peer support, advocacy, and fundraising to the Parkinson's Community within Northern Alberta. (See Details)
Institute for the Advancement of Aboriginal Women
Promotes positive attitudes towards aboriginal women. Promotes aboriginal women and their particular field of expertise and ability. Addresses issues of concern at the local, provincial, federal and international levels. Encourages the participation of Indigenous people, including women, in any forums dealing with Indigenous human rights. (See Details)
YWCA Harbour House
Non-Smokers' Movement of Australia
Region 3 Family Based Care Society Shelter/Eagle Women's Emergency Shelter
Offers 24-hour shelter accommodation for women and children at low risk of violence. Offers support programs and outreach programs.
Government of Alberta
Association for Safe Alternatives in Childbirth
Forms a resource and advocacy group for parents and parents-to-be. Provides information on pregnancy, childbirth, midwifery and related topics. (See Details)
Women of Colour Collective
Centre for Health Promotion Studies
Northern Lakes College