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Screen Test: Alberta Program for the Early Detection of Breast Cancer
Menopause and You Consulting
Elizabeth Fry Society of Edmonton
Fosters the dignity and worth of women who come into conflict with the law and help them live as valued members of their communities. Offers Aboriginal Women's Program encouraging aboriginal women to reconnect with their culture. Also offers courty support through Courtwork Program, Prison Liaison, Changing Paths... Life Skills Program, Private Home Placement for federally sentenced women who are on day parole, Shoplifting Program, and one-on-one counselling and crisis intervention. (See Details)
Central Alberta Women's Emergency Shelter
Jasper Health Unit
Norway National Council on Smoking and Health
Parent Development Centre
Supports parents of children of all ages who may be experiencing uncertainty as a result of family life crisis, stress or depression. Provides support for women experiencing post-partum depression, a parent stress line, and groups for parents which are supportive, informative and educational.
Calgary Centre for Prevention of Family Violence
University of Ablerta
International Union for Health Promotion and Education
The IUHPE is a global association of people and organizations working in the fields of health promotion and health education, dedicated to the promotion of world health through education, community action and the development of healthy public policies. By bringing together people from many sectors to address policy, program and practice issues, the IUHPE provides an ideal interdisciplinary forum for members from around the world to share knowledge, experience and views.