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Canadian Down Syndrome Society

Forms an organization that works to enhance the quality of life for all individuals who have Down Syndrome through advocacy, education, and providing information.

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Canadian Cancer Society, Alberta/NWT Division

Delivers support programs to cancer patients in Alberta and the Northwest Territories. Provides information about cancer and cancer prevention.

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AVENTA Addiction Treatment for Women

Provides drug, alcohol and gambling addiction recovery services to women. Facilities offer residential, outpatient and long-term recovery services. Programs are based on the concept that addiction is a holistic illness and requires change in four areas: physical, emotional, social and spiritual.

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United Silicone Survivors of the World Canada Chapter

Provides support and information to women who have breast implants, typically dealing with problems. Recommend practitioners to contact regarding treatments available for women with Atypical Connective Tissue Disease caused by Silicone toxicity.

FDI World Dental Federation, Section of World Dentistry Against Tobacco

Research and Education for Solutions to Violence and Abuse is a family violence research centre that works to: close gaps in our knowledge about family violence; develop action-oriented research projects to examine the full range of issues related to family violence; generate and evaluate strategies to address the various manifestations of family violence; play an active role in communicating results to the public and policy makers; promote awareness, reform and social change; and train students and members of community organizations in family violence research methods.

Alberta Mental Health Board
Women's Initiative in Tobacco
Forms an initiative of the Calgary Regional Health Authority and is a part of a multi-faceted tobacco reduction strategy. Seeks to build the capacity of the community, empower young women, and encourage unique health promotion approaches to reduce tobacco use (target population of WINIT is females aged 11 to 18). Site provides quitting tips, links to other sites, and resources.
Red Road Healing Lodge
Calgary Birth Control Association