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Poundmaker's Lodge
Edmonton Morgentaler Clinic
Provides safe, legal abortion services. All abortion fees are covered by Alberta Health Care and Saskatchewan Health Care. (See Details)
Alberta Midwifery Committee
Forms the governing body of the discipline of midwifery, registers and disciplines midwives, and advises government on matters relating to the regulation of midwives in Alberta.
Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital
Hidden Costs/Invisible Contributions
Forms a collaborative, interdisciplinary research program that is creating a deeper understanding of the place in society of those currently characterized as 'dependent,' specifically older adults and adults with chronic illness or disability. (See Details)
Association of Institutions for Feminist Education and Research in Europe (AOIFE)
Aboriginal Youth Network
Provides a voice for Aboriginal youth across Canada, using the Internet to link young people in Aboriginal communities with their peers across Canada and the world. Relays information designed for Aboriginal youth regarding programs, services, news and events. (See Details)
Northwestern Regional Health Authority 17
Tom Baker Cancer Centre
Aboriginal Resource Centre