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Sage House Cornell University Press
Consumer WebWatch
Forms a grant-funded project of Consumers Union that seeks improve the credibility of online information. (See Details)
The Population Council
Improving the wellbeing and reproductive health of current and future generations around the world and to help acheive a humane, equitable and sustainable balance between people and resources.
NYU Press
United Nations Population Fund
Forms an agency of the United Nations that supports developing countries, at their request, to improve access to and the quality of reproductive health care, particularly family planning, safe motherhood, and prevention of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) including HIV/AIDS. Priorities include protecting young people, responding to emergencies, and ensuring an adequate supply of condoms and other essentials. Also promotes women’s rights, and supports data collection and analysis to help countries achieve sustainable development. (See Details)
No Free Lunch
Forms an organization of health care providers who believe that pharmaceutical promotion should not guide clinical practice, and that over-zealous promotional practices can lead to bad patient care. Encourages health care practitioners to provide high quality care based on unbiased evidence rather than on biased pharmaceutical promotion. Informs health care providers as well as the general public about pharmaceutical industry efforts to promote their products and influence prescribing. Provides evidence that promotion does in fact influence health care provider behavior, often in ways that run counter to good patient care. (See Details)
Hatherleigh Company
International Women's Health Coalition
Forms a non-profit organization that works to generate health and population policies, programs, and funding that promote and protect the rights and health of girls and women worldwide, particularly in Africa, Asia, Lating America, and countries in post-socialist transition. Believes that global well-being, and social and economic justice, can only be achieved by ensuring women's human rights, health, and equality. (See Details)
Ms. Foundation for Women
Supports the efforts of women and girls to govern their own lives and influence the world around them. (See Details)