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Hyperion Books
Women's, Ink.
Project of the International Women's Tribune Centre Women's, Ink. markets and distributes books on women and development worldwide and is the exclusive distributor of UNIFEM books and publications. (See Details)
Consumer Union of U.S. Inc.
Provides information on products and services, and informs the public of unfair labour practices, social issues and national (US) policies. (See Details)
Milbank Memorial Fund
Forms an endowed operating foundation that engages in nonpartisan analysis, study, research, and communication on significant issues in health policy. (See Details)
Marlowe and Company
Mary Ann Liebert, Inc.
Global Alliance for Women's Health
The Global Alliance for Women's Health (GAWH) is committed to advancing Women's Health in all stages of life and at all policy levels through health promotion, education, advocacy and program implementation. The guiding principles of GAWH are: (1) that Women's Health is a continuum from infancy through old age, of which the reproductive years are a stage; (2) that Women's Health has been under-serviced and under-attended throughout the world; (3) that long term initiatives and commitments are needed in order to forge alliances and collaborative programs across the globe; and (4) that pertnering among NGOs, governmental organizations, the private sector and academic institutions is necessary to provide effective health care and research for women. (See Details)
Center for Reproductive Rights
A non-profit legal organization that promotes and defends women's reproduction rights within the US and internationally. Addresses such topics as human rights, equality, adolescents, safe pregnancy, abortion, and contraception. Website contains press releases, publications, an online bookstore, US legal documents relevant to reproductive rights, reproductive information by region, and discussions of current policy issues.
Gynuity Health Projects
Forms a research and technical assistance organization dedicated to the idea that all people should have access to the fruits of medical science and technology development. Works to make reproductive health technologies more convenient, more acceptable, safer, and more widely accessible. Conducts clinical, service delivery, and social science research to find more convenient, less expensive, safer, more acceptable ways to use existing technologies. Develops and introduces new technologies. Sponsors meetings and policy dialogues to present new ideas to decisionmakers. Produces and disseminates accurate scientific information to policymakers, reproductive health professionals, and the public. Designes and conductes training seminars for professionals, including physicians, nurses, and midwives on reproductive technologies. Leads advisory and educational briefings for advocates, media, and donors. Generates data for regulatory filings and works with regulatory agencies. (See Details)
Population Council
Conducts research on three fronts: biomedical, social science, and public health. This research — and the information it produces — helps change the way people think about problems related to reproductive health and population growth. (See Details)