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Northwestern Ontario Breast Screening Program
Ontario Breast Cancer Information Exchange Partnership (OBCEP)

The Ontario Breast Cancer Information Exchange Partnership is a coalition of organizations working together to improve access to information and support for women and their families affected by breast cancer.

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Breast Cancer Support Services

Forms a self-help organization dedicated to the support of women and men concerned about breast cancer and breast health. Web site includes information on their services, as well as breast cancer information.

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Willow Breast Cancer Support & Resource Services

Works to build and sustain a provincial, accessible, survivor-driven breast cancer resource that enhances the effectiveness of breast cancer support, information provision and advocacy.

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Breast Cancer Action Kingston

Forms an organizations that works to educate and support women living with breast cancer, their families and their communities. Site provides links to resources, newsletters, and their calendar of events.

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Canadian Breast Cancer Research Alliance

A breast cancer awareness network that includes Avon Flame Foundation, Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, Canadian Breast Cancer Network, Canadian Cancer Society, Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Health Canada, Public Health Agency of Canada and the National Cancer Institute of Canada. They are the primary granting agency for breast cancer research in Canada.

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Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation
Funds, supports and advocates for breast cancer research, education and awareness programs, early diagnosis and effective treatment, and a positive quality of life for those living with breast cancer. (See Details)
Connecting Rainbows Breast Cancer Support Group
Provides peer support and information through sharing and caring. Improves the quality of life of women survuivors or breast cancer.
Scarborough Breast Cancer Support Group
Supports women whose lives have been touched with breast cancer. Shares concerns, empowers, gains courage and strength through mutual support.
Rethink Breast Cancer
Forms a charity fighting breast cancer and expanding support for the cause through innovative breast cancer research and awareness. (See Details)