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Canadian Institute for Advanced Research

The Canadian Institute for Advanced Research enables Canadian researchers to work on international research teams that are custom built to transform their fields of study. Founded in 1982, CIFAR has embraced a groundbreaking research model that creates knowledge breakthroughs, advances Canada’s research community and drives innovation.


CIFAR research is aimed at creating knowledge with the potential to change profoundly how we understand our world. Supporting nearly 400 researchers in 16 countries, CIFAR’s research model is uniquely suited to long-term, multidisciplinary and collaborative advanced research.

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Canadian Health Services Research Foundation
Promotes and funds management and policy research in health services and nursing. (See Details)
Hospital Report Research Collaborative
Develops methods and reports on hospital performance in Ontario using the balanced scorecard format. (See Details)
Wellesley Institute

The Wellesley Institute advances population health through rigorous research, pragmatic policy solutions, social innovation, and community action.

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