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Baie D'urfe Library
Rivage du Val St-François
Services sociaux du Bas-Saint-Laurent
Women in Development and Gender Equity
Indian and Northern Affairs Canada
Supports First Nations and Inuit in developing healthy, sustainable communities and in achieving their economic and social aspirations. Delivers services such as education, housing, and community infrastructure to Status Indians on-reserve, and social assistance and social support services to residents on-reserve. (See Details)
Bobru Investments Ltd.
Montreal Assault Prevention Centre
Offers an array of workshops on assault prevention to groups particularly vulnerable to assault - children, adolescents, women of all ages and people with physical and/or intellectual disabilities. (See Details)
Douglas Hospital
International Seminar on Women's Safety
Forme un site Web qui sert de lieu d'échange et de documentation sur la sécurité des femmes. / Forms a website that provides a forum for discussions and documentation on women's safety. (See Details)