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Santé et Affaires sociales, Gouvernement du Yukon
Commits itself to quality health and social services for Yukoners by providing a range of accessible, affordable services that offer individuals the skills to live healthy and independent lives, and that assist families and communities to reach their full potential. Le ministère détermine les grandes priorités, les objectifs et les orientations en matière de santé et de services sociaux, et veille à leur application. Ce site offre des informations, des actualités, des répertoires et annuaires de ressources, etc. (See Details)
Canadian Hard of Hearing Association Yukon
Promote the education of the general public, social institutions, professionals and the hard of hearing themselves, about hearing related problems and the available solutions. Promote the development of and accessibility to technical aids and to other services and facilities for the hard of hearing.
Yukon Council on Disability
Speaks on behalf of people with disabilities and provides resources and information for Yukoners on disabilities. (See Details)
Yukon Status of Women Council
Forms an advocacy and awareness group for women's issues, both locally and nationally.
Child Development Centre
The Child Development Centre provides early intervention programs for children with special needs between the ages of birth to school age throughout Yukon. A component of the Centre based services includes an integrated preschool program, outreach to all Yukon communities and home visits.
Yukon Family Services
Provides counselling services for family, individuals, children and couples in the Yukon Territory.
General Municipal Boilermakers
Yukon Public Legal Education Association
Forms a non-profit organization devoted to providing legal information to the public and promoting increased access to the legal system. Helps the public to identify and understand their legal rights and responsibilities in order to improve their ability to deal with legal matters. (See Details)
Health and Hope for Families
Seniors Information Centre
Provides general information on Federal and Territorial Pension programs and services. The coordinator does referrals to other agencies, private and government. Maintains a discount list for shops and services. Keeps up to date on all Senior programs and activities. Publishes a quarterly newsletter for Yukon Seniors.