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Community University Institute for Social Research
Forms a partnership between community-based organizations and faculty and graduate students from the University of Saskatchewan. (See Details)
Center for Women Policy Studies
Forms an organization that is a unique resource for policy makers, researchers, advocates and community leaders. Identifies cutting edge issues and trends and shape multiethnic feminist responses. Addresses the combined impact of gender, race/ethnicity and socioeconomic status on issues affecting women and girls. Grounds their work in the belief that all issues affecting women are interrelated. (See Details)
Institute of Urban Studies
Researchs urban development issues in a broad, non-partisan context and has never lost sight of the demands of applied research aimed at practical, often novel, solutions to urban problems. (See Details)
Integrity in Science Project
Forms an organization that seeks to: raise awareness about the role that corporate funding and other corporate interests play in scientific research, oversight, and publication; investigate and publicize conflicts of interest and other potentially destructive influences of industry-sponsored science; advocate for full disclosure of funding sources by individuals, governmental and non-governmental organizations that conduct, regulate, or provide oversight of scientific investigation or promote specific scientific findings; encourage policy-makers at all levels of government to seek balance on expert advisory committees and to provide public, web-based access to conflict-of-interest information collected in the course of committee formation; encourage journalists to routinely ask scientists and others about their possible conflicts of interests and to provide this information to the public. (See Details)
Centre for Rural and Northern Health Research
Forms an interdisciplinary research centre with faculty investigators, affiliated investigators and research staff from various disciplines: administration, economics, epidemiology, geography, gerontology, kinesiology, medicine, nursing, social work and sociology. Most studies are conducted by interdisciplinary research teams. (See Details)
Policy Research Initiative
Works to advance research on emerging issues that are highly relevant to the federal government's policy agenda, and to ensure the effective transfer of this knowledge to policy-makers. // Travaille pour faire progresser la recherche sur des questions émergentes qui sont très pertinentes pour le programme politique du gouvernement fédéral et à assurer un transfert efficace du savoir aux responsables de l'élaboration des politiques. (See Details)
Center for the Study of Women in Society
Generates, supports and disseminates research on gender and on all aspects of women's lives. (See Details)
National Research Center for Women and Families
Promotes the health and safety of women, children, and families, by using objective, research-based information to encourage new, more effective programs and policies. Gathers and analyzes information and translates that information into clearly presented facts and policy implications that are made widely available to the public, the media, and policy makers. (See Details)
Institute for Social Research
Promotes, undertakes and critically evaluates applied social research. Provides consultation and support services to the University administration and York faculty, students and staff conducting research primarily in the social sciences but also in the biological and physical sciences. Annually conducts between twenty and thirty research projects at the local, provincial and national levels in such areas as education, housing, gender issues, energy and the environment, health and medical services, politics, law, social interaction and other social issues. (See Details)
Women's Health Research Foundation of Canada