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Policy Research Initiative
Works to advance research on emerging issues that are highly relevant to the federal government's policy agenda, and to ensure the effective transfer of this knowledge to policy-makers. // Travaille pour faire progresser la recherche sur des questions émergentes qui sont très pertinentes pour le programme politique du gouvernement fédéral et à assurer un transfert efficace du savoir aux responsables de l'élaboration des politiques. (See Details)
IMPART: Integrated Mentor Program in Addictions Research Training
Provides a multidisciplinary research training program designed to equip health researchers from across disciplines, sectors and settings to conduct gender and sex-based analyses in addictions research. (See Details)
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
Undertakes and promotes research on issues of social and economic justice. Has provincial offices in British Columbia, Manitoba, Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan. Web sites provides access to CCPA publications and research, opinion pieces, and fact sheets. (See Details)
National Research Center for Women and Families
Promotes the health and safety of women, children, and families, by using objective, research-based information to encourage new, more effective programs and policies. Gathers and analyzes information and translates that information into clearly presented facts and policy implications that are made widely available to the public, the media, and policy makers. (See Details)
Conseil de recherches en sciences humaines
Promotes and supports university-based research and training in the social sciences and humanities. Fuels discussion and research on topical social issues including the economy, education, health care, the environment, immigration, globalization, language, ethics, peace, security, human rights, law, poverty, mass communication, politics, literature, addiction, pop culture, sexuality, religion, Aboriginal rights, the past, and our future. Sponsors scholarship and research through grants, fellowships and Canadian research chairs, allocating funding based on peer review assessments. Builds partnerships with government, business and non-profit organizations to develop and fund strategic research programs, building knowledge and expertise on key social, cultural and economic issues. // Appuie la recherche et la formation avancée en milieu universitaire dans les sciences humaines et en fait la promotion. Alimente des pensées novatrices portant sur des questions concrètes, notamment: l'économie, l'éducation, les soins de santé, l'environnement, l'immigration, la mondialisation, les langues, l'éthique, la paix, la sécurité, les droits de la personne, le droit, la pauvreté, les communications de masse, la politique, la littérature, la toxicomanie, la culture populaire, la sexualité, la religion, les droits des peuples autochtones, le passé et notre avenir. Appuie la science humaine et la recherche par des programmes de subventions, de bourses, et des chaires de recherche du Canada, en octroyant les fonds par l'intermédiare d'un système d'évaluation indépendante par les pairs. Participe aux initiatives conjointes avec organismes gouvernementaux et sans but lucratif, ainsi que d'entreprises, afin d'élaborer et de financer des programmes de recherche stratégique et pour faire progresser les connaissances et les compétences sur d'importantes questions sociales, culturelles et économiques. (See Details)
Centre for Feminist Research
Brings together faculty, graduate and undergraduate students as well as internationally-renowned investigators from more than 30 countries for collaborative research on issues such as work, education, violence, family relationships, Canadian women's writing, equity initiatives, and human rights. (See Details)
Sustainable Design International Ltd.
Acts as a professional and multi-disciplinary research, design, engineering and consultancy practice - specializing in the theory and implementation of a sustainable 'built environment'in the EU. Website includes descriptions and publications of work done by organization in the areas of sustainablity, architecture, fire, and synchronicity. (See Details)
Centre for Health Services and Policy Research
Carries out research into issues of health in population groups, and ways in which health services can best be organized, funded and delivered. (See Details)
Information and Knowledge for Optimal Health Project (the INFO Project)
Ensures that information, knowledge, and best practices for family planning and reproductive health are accessed by multiple audiences with different needs by working to achieve the following results: identify, synthesize, and make available information on useful and best approaches and findings, enhance local capacity to serve local information needs, and strengthen South-South and South-North knowledge communities and networks. Website contains publications and provides information about tools and services they provide. (See Details)
Center for Women Policy Studies
Forms an organization that is a unique resource for policy makers, researchers, advocates and community leaders. Identifies cutting edge issues and trends and shape multiethnic feminist responses. Addresses the combined impact of gender, race/ethnicity and socioeconomic status on issues affecting women and girls. Grounds their work in the belief that all issues affecting women are interrelated. (See Details)