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Immigrant Womens Health Centre
Community Resources of Toronto

Provides support, direct service & information to individuals & groups. Focus is on people (16 & over) with serious mental health problems.

West Park Healthcare Centre

West Park Healthcare Centre provides specialized in-patient MS services, as well as a neurological day hospital and ambulatory clinics (urology, chiropody, seating, etc.) for those with MS living in the community. The off-site Gage Transitions to Independent Living Service offers life skills development opportunities to adults with disabilities.

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Manitoba Cervical Cancer Screening Program (MCCSP)
Works to reduce deaths from cervical cancer. (See Details)
Middlesex-London Health Unit
Breast Cancer Centre of Hope
Provides support and help to women with breast cancer including professional consultations with Nurse Educators, peer consultations with breast cancer survivors, links to other programs, a lending library, a newsletter and a prothesis bank. (See Details)
St. John's Native Friendship Centre Association
Assists Aboriginal people living in and visiting the St. John's area in obtaining access to Health Care, Social, Legal, and Education services, and to facilities which are not available in their own communities. Provides transportation, aids in securing accommodations, arranges training programs, organizes volunteer visits to those confined to hospitals and other institutions, and secures the provision of translators and interpreters. (See Details)
Victoria Time Columnist
Kenora Sexual Assault Centre

Forms a women's resource centre owned and operated by a feminist collective, that works to create equality and justice for women with focus on educational programs on the prevention of violence against women and children, women gaining economic independence and women developing to their fullest potential, overcoming barriers of oppression to become full participants in society on an equal basis.

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Four Worlds International Institute for Human and Community Development

Supports Aboriginal communities in building a healthy and sustainable future. Works towards a solution to the social devastation brought on by alcohol, poverty and an increasing sense of powerlessness sweeping across tribal communities.

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