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Women Working with Immigrant Women of New Brunswick
Works to act as support for immigrant women in New Brunswick; to establish provincial and national communication networks which provide an opportunity to collectively express their concerns; to lobby provincial and federal governments on issues regarding their status; to act as a liaison between immigrant women and existing community agencies and resources; to initiate and coordinate programs which serve their needs; to promote public awareness of issues and to act as an advocate; to establish a resource centre.
Rexdale Women's Centre
Provides culturally and linguistically sensitive settlement counselling services for women and immigrant women and their dependents. Increases or enhances women's and immigrant womens' skills and knowledge about issues related to their settlement and integration into the community. Provides an opportunity for women and immigrant women to meet in order to alleviate their sense of isolation. (See Details)
Pacific Immigrant Resources Society
Provides new Canadian women with opportunities to develop knowledge, skills and confidence needed to participate more actively in the community. (See Details)
Working Women Community Centre
Assists immmigrant women to overcome obstacles in areas such as employment, training, education, housing, health, legal matters, family dynamics and social services. Promotes the development of self-sufficiency skills among immigrant women. (See Details)
Jewish Immigrant Aid Services of Canada, National Office
Forms an organization that serves as the voice of the Canadian Jewish community on issues of integration and re-settlement in Canada. Champions the cause of new immigrants and refugees by positively influencing Canadian immigration laws, policies and practices, and by ensuring that they are humane in nature and responsive to the needs of potential newcomers. Promotes the long-term integration of newcomers into local Jewish communities from coast to coast by building partnerships between immigrants, government, charitable foundations, employers, service providers and volunteers. (See Details)
Victoria Immigrant and Refugee Centre Society
Works to assist in the settlement and adjustment of immigrants and refugees in Canada. Provides services designed to increase the newcomer's participation in Canadian society by assisting the newcomer to overcome barriers, including such services as such as English as a Second Language, Home Tutoring, Job Coach Program, Settlement Program, etc. (See Details)
Alberta Network of Immigrant Women
Serves as an information and networking source for member agencies. Provides resources to strengthen the leadership skills of immigrant women. Prepares briefs and research material on issues that impact the lives of immigrant women.
PEI Association for Newcomers to Canada
Forms a community-based immigrant support organization that supports newcomers' integration by providing services, in partnership with the community. Provides information, training and resources to social institutions, service-providers, government departments and the mainstream community so they can strengthen their capacity and ability to welcome and address the needs of immigrants; and so they can respond quickly, effectively, appropriately, and in a culturally sensitive manner. Assists in the provision of life skills training for immigrants and in the provision of cross-cultural awareness training for social institutions, service-providers, government departments and the mainstream community. Identifies related research and information needs; sponsors research and analysis into the current situation in Prince Edward Island for immigrants. Develops cross-cultural sensitivity, educational and awareness resources for use by social institutions, service-providers, government departments, immigrants and the mainstream community, to increase understanding of the issues affecting immigrants. (See Details)
Philippine Women Centre of B.C.
Aims to empower Filipino women to understand the roots of their challenges as migrants, immigrants, women of colour and low-income earners, and to collectively assert their struggle for their rights and welfare.
Multicultural Association of Fredericton
Forms an organization that disseminates and advances ethnocultural education in the community; encourages and promotes the concept of multiculturalism; assists new arrivals in the community by providing referral services and English as a Second Language Classes; sponsors social events that promote intercultural contacts; and organizes conferences and seminars to sensitize the community in Fredericton and the surrounding areas. (See Details)