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Femmes sous lois musulmanes
Forms a network created to break women’s isolation and to provide linkages and support to all women whose lives may be affected by Muslim laws. Works to build a network of mutual solidarity and information flow. Facilitates interaction and contact between women from Muslim countries and communities and between them and progressive and feminist groups at large. Promotes the exposure of women from one geographical area to another in and outside the Muslim world. Undertakes common projects identified by and executed through network participants. Forme un réseau créé en vue de briser l’isolation des femmes et d’offrir un soutien, ainsi qu’une opportunité de nouer des liens, à toutes les femmes dont les vies peuvent être affectées par les lois musulmanes. Favorise la rencontre et l’interaction entre femmes de pays ou de communautés musulmanes, et entre celles-ci et des progressistes et féministes dans le monde. Favorise les échanges-invitations d’un lieu à un autre, à l’intérieur du monde musulman et à l’extérieur. Entreprend des projets communs identifiés et mis en place par des participantes au réseau WLUML. (See Details)
Working Women Community Centre
Assists immmigrant women to overcome obstacles in areas such as employment, training, education, housing, health, legal matters, family dynamics and social services. Promotes the development of self-sufficiency skills among immigrant women. (See Details)
Centro de Justicia Para Mujeres
Provides free advocacy for victims of rape, domestic violence and child abuse, particularly in the Latina and other underserved communities of Sonoma County. Advocates for greater numbers of women and minorities in law enforcement. Committed to equal justice for all women and girls.

An international women’s human rights organization that works in partnership with community-based women's organizations worldwide to address issues of health and reproductive rights, economic development, education and other human rights. They provide resources and training to enable their sister organizations to meet these goals by addressing immediate needs in their communities and developing long-term solutions to the crises they face. 

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Women Thrive Worldwide

Formerly the Women's Edge Coalition, Women Thrive Worldwide is a non-profit organization that shapes U.S. policy to help women in developing countries lift themselves out of povertyFounded in 1998, Women Thrive develops, shapes, and advocates for policies that foster economic opportunity for women living in poverty. They focus on making U.S. international assistance and trade programs prioritize women, and bring together a diverse coalition of over 50 organizations and 40,000 individuals united in the belief that empowering women is not only right, it’s also the key to ending global poverty.

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