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Phoenix Association Toronto Self-Help Group
Provides support and a social outlet for single men and women with herpes. (See Details)
Rediscovering Our Voices
An information and support group for women survivors of childhood sexual abuse. Uses an adult education model to generate discussion and present material to women. Professionally facilitated.
The Aboriginal Circle of Life and Wellspring Cancer Support Group
Meets with other members of the aboriginal community who are dealing with cancer and their loved ones. Shares feelings and worries. Teaches members on ways to cope with stress, access help in the community and take part in aboriginal customs and traditions. Professionally facilitated.
Repetitive Strain Injury Support Group
Helps people with R.S.I. share information on treatment and new developments as well as support one another. (See Details)
PISCES designs & delivers training programs to self-help groups. Provides training & development. Works with pharmaceutical companies.
Sexual Assualt Treatment Program
Helps group members to increase capacity to set boundaries, self nurture, handle intense feelings and establish intimacy. Professionally facilitated.
Women Living With HIV
Provides support, education and sense of community for women living with HIV. Professionally facilitated.
The Olive Branch of Hope Breast Cancer Support Services
Provides support services and information to Caribbean and Afro-Canadian cancer patients and their families. (See Details)