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Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment
Forms a membership organization for health professionals that works to protect the environment in order to protect human health. Educates physicians on environmental issues, providing them with both accurate information and a framework for thinking about environmental problems. Prepares spokespersons to comment on the health implications of environmental issues in an accurate and rigorous manner. Serves as a "think tank" for considering the health implications of environmental issues. Provides a forum in which physicians can meet and discuss health issues associated with environmental problems together with non-physician colleagues who have the knowledge and insight they need. (See Details)
Environmental Health Perspectives

A monthly journal of peer-reviewed research and news published by the U.S. National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, National Institutes of Health, Department of Health and Human Services. EHP's mission is to serve as a forum for the discussion of the interrelationships between the environment and human health by publishing in a balanced and objective manner the best peer-reviewed research and most current and credible news of the field. With an impact factor of 6.09, EHP is the top monthly journal in public, environmental, and occupational health and the third-ranked monthly journal in environmental sciences.

EHP publishes articles from a wide range of scientific disciplines encompassing basic research; epidemiologic studies; risk assessment; relevant ethical, legal, social, environmental justice, and policy topics; longitudinal human studies; in vitro and in vivo animal research with a clear relationship to human health; and environmental medicine case reports. Because children are uniquely sensitive to their environments, EHP devotes a research section specifically to issues surrounding children's environmental health.

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