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Canadian Nurses Association
Forms a federation of 11 provincial and territorial nursing associations representing more than 120,000 registered nurses that works to advance the quality of nursing in the interest of the public. (See Details)
Federation of Chinese American and Chinese Canadian Medical Societies
Forms an online organization dedicated to promoting the health status of the Chinese communities in North America, to the advancement of medical knowledge and education with emphasis on aspects related to the Chinese, to enhancing communication and relationship among members of the Federation, and to promoting the scientific association of medical societies of health professionals of Chinese descent in North America. (See Details)
Canadian Medical Association
A voluntary professional organization representing physicians. Promotes co-ordinated national policies for health care, responsibility and high standards in Canadian health care; and provides support to members through advocacy and professional development. (See Details)
Australian Medical Association
Works to advance the professional interests of doctors and the health of the Autralian community. (See Details)
Canadian Chiropractic Association
Works to inform the public about the benefits of chiropractic care, promote the integration of chiropractic into the health care system, and facilitate chiropractic research. (See Details)
Alberta Medical Association
Provides the official voice of the medical profession in Alberta. (See Details)
Association of Reproductive Health Professionals
Provides reproductive health services or education, conduct reproductive health research, or influence reproductive health policy. (See Details)
Commonwealth Medical Trust
Works to strengthen the capacity of medical and other health professional associations in developing countries to promote the health and well-being of their communities. Focuses mainly with women's and youth health, sexual and reproductive health and the ethical and human rights implications of providing health information and services in such countries. (See Details)