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Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans-identified (LGBT) Family Coalition

Advocates for the legal and social recognition of LGBT families.  A bilingual group of LGBT parents and future parents exchanging information, sharing resources and having fun together with our children.

The LGBT Family Coalition works for the legal and social recognition of LGBT families in collaboration with government bodies and the media. We work to increase the visibility of our families and to raise public awareness of the reality of LGBT families. The LGBT Family Coalition creates new resources that can be used in primary and secondary schools, daycares, doctors’ offices, community organizations or social services to sensitize the public about our families and the diversity of our family structures.

Founded in 1998, the LGBT Family Coalition is the result of the merger of two highly successful non-profit community organizations: The Lesbian Mothers Association of Quebec and the Papa-Daddy Group

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Association for Research on Mothering
Forms a feminist organization devoted specifically to the topic of mothering-motherhood. Provides a forum for the discussion and dissemination of feminist, academic, and community grassroots research, theory, and praxis on mothering-motherhood. (See Details)
Japanese Mother's Self-Help Group
Provides a self-help group for Japanese speaking women who share the bond of being mothers stuggling with communications with their partner, domestic violence, single motherhood and other types of family or relationship problems. Professionally facilitated. (See Details)
Single Mothers By Choice
A social and support group for women who are single mothers by choice as well as those who are interested in becoming single mothers by choice.