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Hot Peach Pages
Forms an organization whose web site provides a global inventory of abuse hotlines, shelters, refuges, crisis centres and women's organizations, plus an index of domestic violence resources in over 70 languages. (See Details)
Yellowknife Women's Centre
Operates a 9-bed emergency shelter for women, youth and children. Provides support, counseling and advocacy.
Transition House Association of Nova Scotia
Forms an organization that advocates for: improved services and stable funding for transition houses; improved public awareness of issues affecting abused women and their children; enhanced inter-house communication; and, improved communication with government agencies and other relevant community organizations. Web site includes crisis lines for all areas of Nova Scotia. (See Details)
Region 3 Family Based Care Society Shelter/Eagle Women's Emergency Shelter
Offers 24-hour shelter accommodation for women and children at low risk of violence. Offers support programs and outreach programs.
Ontario Association of Interval & Transition Houses
Forms a provincial coalition primarily of first stage emergency shelters for abused women and their children. Works with member shelters to educate and promote changes in all areas that abused women and their children identify as important to their freedom from violence. (See Details)
Mamawihetowin Crisis Centre
Provides a shelter for Aboriginal women and their children.
Nuluaq Project
Works to improve the coordination of abuse prevention services and resources in Inuit communities. Conducts research, provides a national Inuit database for abuse prevention and women's shelters and shares information with the public. (See Details)
Bigstone Cree Nation Women's Emergency Shelter
Provides safe and secure accommodation for women and children who are experiencing violence. Offers programs and services to work toward change and peace. Provides one on one counselling and support, group activities and children's services for shelter clients.
WISH Drop-in Centre
Works to increase the health, safety and well being of women working in the sex trade in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. Serves hot meals, dispenses make-up, hygiene items, and clothing, and provides showering facilities. Also offers on-site nursing, referrals to detoxification centres, rehabilitations houses, and shelters. also provides transition programs, a Literacy Centre, hospital visits, Beauty Nights (sponsored by the Beauty Night Society), a Mentoring Program, and Peer Counselling. (See Details)
Women's Shelter and Counselling Services of Huron
Provide shelter, support, counselling & advocacy for assaulted women and their children throughout Huron County.