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International Union of Sex Workers

Our aim.
The International Union of Sex Workers (IUSW) campaigns for the human, civil and labour rights of those who work in the sex industry.

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Saskatchewan First Nations Women's Commission

The Saskatchewan First Nations’ Women’s Commission (SFNWC) is the recognized regional voice for the advancement of First Nations’ women’s and children’s rights in Saskatchewan. The SFNWC is committed to the development and sustenance of healthy communities by which all First Nations people benefit. The SFNWC takes the lead on certain issues that are considered “women’s and children’s issues” in mainstream society, although not dictated as such in First Nations communities because First Nations philosophy emphasizes collective as opposed to individual rights.


Historically, since the 1960’s First Nations’ Women in Saskatchewan have come together to discuss a variety of issues and the poor living conditions in which they had to endure. The Saskatchewan First Nations’ Women’s Commission (SFNWC) was formed in 2000, first as a Council, and in February 2004, the Chiefs-in-Assembly voted for the FSIN Convention Act to be amended to include the SFNWC as the seventh Commission. The FSIN Women’s Act was ratified at the June 2004 Chiefs-in-Assembly and is a formal piece of legislation that validates the ongoing movement of Saskatchewan First Nations’ Women.


Honoring the Treaties is a priority for Saskatchewan First Nations’ women's groups. The mandate of the Saskatchewan First Nations Women’s Commission is the development of First Nation Women’s rights and advocate to develop women’s strategic initiatives while respecting the Treaty process. In the past we have ensured this vision is met through:


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TERF - Training and Employment Resources for Females

A New Directions for Children, Youth and Families program to help young women move from the streets and prostitution to develop healthy lifestyles. TERF is for 15-17 year old females. Our goal is to help them move in a new direction, stabilize their living situation, develop a healthy lifestyle and build the confidence necessary to set goals to return to school or move into the workforce.


Forms a community organisation for all female-identified sex-workers, run mostly by sex-workers and ex-sex-workers. Offers information and tools for students, journalists and anyone interested in knowing more about Stella, sex work, and the international sex-workers’ rights movement.

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Provides information on research, programs, and links for those involved in the sex trade and those who desire to leave the sex industry.

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Défense du travail du sexe et projet de recherche
Forms a groups of researchers, community partners and students working together to improve the health, safety and well-being of sex workers through research, information, programs, and policies. // Forme un groupe de recherche composé de partenaires universitaires et communautaires qui s'intéressent à la santé, la sécurité et le bien-être des travailleuses et travailleurs du sexe. (See Details)
Sex Professionals of Canada
Forms an organization of sex trade workers who lobby for decriminalization. Provides information on legal issues, as well as bad date information and counselling. (See Details)
Maggie's, The Prostitutes Community Service Project
Provides a resource and drop in centre for sex trade workers. Also provides education and support to assist sex workers in their efforts to live and work with safety and dignity.
StreetLight Support Services
Provides alternatives for individuals involved in sex trade work. (See Details)
Network of Sex Work Projects
Forms an organisation that works to promote sex workers' health and human rights. (See Details)