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The Strategic Workshop on Immigrant Women Making Place in Canadian Cities
Forms an interdisciplinary team of researchers affiliated with the Metropolis Project. Seeks to pool the findings of recent research (much of it their own work under the auspices of the Metropolis Project) on the migration and settlement experiences of immigrant women who settle in Canadian cities, and contribute to agenda-setting for future research that will deepen knowledge on immigrant settlement and integration experiences in Canadian cities, and that will help in policy formulation. (See Details)
Insight Information Company
Provides continuing education for senior executives and professionals throughout Canada and the United States. Insight conferences focus on cutting edge business, legal and regulatory issues in the following areas: Corporate Finance, Law, Health Care, Insurance, Human Resources, Taxation, Oil and Gas, Environment, Energy, Construction, Aboriginal, Government and more.
National Policy Association
Conducts informed dialogue and independent research on major economic and social problems facing the United States. (See Details)
Ginsler and Associates, Inc.
Works with community organizations, donors, and governments in such areas as community development, human services planning, and community capacity building on issues of homelessness, hunger, community research, and multi-sector co-ordination and collaboration. Website contains some free publications, a list of recent clints, and information about issues they assist with such as proposal writing. (See Details)